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a better way to cook



55 KES per kg
1,400 UGX per kg

lowest cost to cook


5000W power
highest of any stove


98% lower emissions
WHO top tier clean


3 tons average
annual CO2 reduction


Ecosafi is delivering a better way to cook.

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Why cook with ECOMOTO fuel
in an ECOSAFI cooker?

Pocket Friendly

Only 55 KES / 1,400 UGX is enough EcoMoto for most families to cook their daily meals. That’s about half the cost of using charcoal or LPG.

Earth Friendly

Using EcoMoto instead of charcoal can cut CO2 emissions by up to 70%, which is good for our planet.

Cooks Hot & Fast

EcoMoto cooks hotter than any other fuel. Lights quickly, up to 90 minutes of cooking time per chamber.

Clean and Safe

No added chemicals, no fumes or odd smells. Safe to handle and use, and won’t blacken your sufuria.

Quality Guaranteed

If you ever get EcoMoto you’re not happy with, return it for a free replacement, no questions.

Smart Investment

Pay for the fuel, not for the cooker. The stove is leased to you for free, so long as you use EcoMoto fuel.

Get what you want, when you need it.

EcoSafi means no limits. You know what your kitchen needs.

Buy enough for just now, all week, or all month.

Two convenient sizes: 10kg or 30kg.

Commercial Delivery or Agent Pickup

Fast, free deliveries to commercial customers or convenient pickup from your agent for households.